Correction Trio Collection for Men: 3 Piece Kit to Help with Tired Eyes, Dark Spots, Uneven, and Dull Skin – Includes Dark Circle Defense, Exfoliating Rub, and Moisturizing Balm – Korean Made by Lumin

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  • The Correction Trio Collection: Is work getting the best of you? We can’t change how many hours you grind during the day but we can help with how those hours make you look. In our Correction Trio Kit, you’ll receive Dark Circle Defense, Exfoliating Rub, and Moisturizing Balm.
  • Dark Circles, Puffiness, or Eye Bags: Tired of being told that you look tired? Others may be noticing the glaring dark circles under your eyes. It’s time to reverse those dark circles and puffy eye bags that can put years on your face. Dark Circle Defense is the go-to treatment to brighten dark circles and reduce under-eye bags, all while you sleep.
  • Hydrate and Repair Damage Overnight: Use the Moisturizing Balm to target dullness, lifeless complexion & dehydration that point to a man who isn’t at the top of his game. A high-quality moisturizer is a must for any skincare regimen!
  • Ditch Tired, Lifeless Skin: Use Exfoliating Rub to get rid of dull, flaky skin and uncover a more radiant complexion for a fresh, clean look. Our deep exfoliating rub works to unclog pores, loosen blackheads, and remove dead cells to keep you at the top of your game!
  • Skincare Built for Men: Who says that only women should take care of their skin? At Lumin, we develop premium skincare products for men who want to look in the mirror and love their skin. All products are specifically formulated for the biologically different skin of men and their daily habits.
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Product description


The Correction Trio Specifically Formulated for Men.

As guys, we’ve felt the trouble of trying to find effective skincare products while having to walk down a confusing women’s care aisle. We decided to tackle this problem. No matter what your race, skin type, or age, we’ve crafted the highest quality skincare products for males. Our products are formulated for the rougher-textured, thicker, oilier, and more acidic skin of men. Designed for optimal efficiency and efficacy for the male lifestyle.

Curated Lumin Collection to Help the Busy Man Look Great

Included in the Correction Trio Kit:

Moisturizing Balm: Helps to repair damage overnight, reduce shaving irritation, and provide 24-hour hydration
Exfoliating Rub: Speed up skin damage and recovery, lesson ingrown hairs, repair dark spots and reduce the look of scars
Dark Circle Defense: Works overnight to brighten dark circles, reduce under-eye puffiness, and smooth fine lines

How to See Results

Wipe that tired look off your face. We curated the Collection Trio for guys that are over-worked, look fatigued, and need some heavy-duty care, all while keeping the products easy to use. Simply massage the exfoliating rub onto your a completely dry face for 30 seconds or until you can feel the product ball up. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry. Next, apply the Moisturizing Balm generously all over your face to heal skin damage and energize skin overnight. Dab Dark Circle Defense gently underneath your eyes. If extra hydration is needed, use the moisturizer in the morning!

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